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  1. Evelyn Grace Healy says:

    Thank you for this article. I have been to camelback and hike the trail but that was many years ago. I’m now in my early 60s I’m in decent shape but nothing like I used to be in my 40s. We are planning a trip to Arizona in January and wondered what your thoughts are as far as hiking the trail at that time of year and any advice. What are the temperatures like that time of year in the mornings? are there many hikers that time of year my niece is younger and is determined to do Camelback and my sister and I who are in our 60s are a little trepidicious I remember certain areas being a bit frightening at the age of 42 when I last went and being in my 60s, I’m a little more trepidicious. My sister and I will try to do the hike with my niece, but wondered if there’s a good stopping point where she could finish out and we could wait for her or if there are other people she could hike with on the day we might go.., she has this on her bucket list I did as well, but I have already done it unsure if I can do it at this juncture in my life. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thank you again for posting this.

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